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For inquiries about licensing, original Larry Alcala artwork authentication, issuance of Certificate of Authenticity, exhibits and other matters concerning Larry Alcala artworks, please fill up the form below:


Due to the discovery of fake Larry Alcala artworks, the Heirs of Larry Alcala, along with the community of owners of original Larry Alcala artworks, are now placing stricter authentication standards and additional requirements before an artwork can be certified as a Larry Alcala original.

A new Certificate of Authenticity featuring a unique holographic security code will now be issued to all bonafide owners of the previous Certificates of Authenticity. The upgrade will be issued free of charge.

Existing owners of Larry Alcala originals are advised to log in to our official website https://Larryalcala.com and apply for the upgraded high-security Certificates of Authenticity. You may also email us at [email protected]

We strongly advise the public not to purchase any original Larry Alcala artwork without these new high-security Certificates of Authenticity.

Thank you very much.

Lauro V. Alcala, Jr.
for the Heirs of Larry Alcala

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